How To Start A Business

There are a lot of reasons that could motivate someone to start a business.

Whatever your reasons are,

This is the place to start.

Unemployment is high. Jobs are really hard to find. Small communities are hardest hit because of their smaller economies. No matter where you live, big city or small starting your own business could be your only choice for work. And it is not that hard to do.


What ever is one to do?

If you can't find a job, you make work.

You may need to start a business

offering a service or a product.

However would I do that . . . you ask?


I'm Glad you asked that . . . Because the resource That I am offering has . . .

More Than 1001 Business Ideas


Sometimes an idea will come in funny unexpected ways. My wife Tina was wanting to start a business, and was tossing a few ideas around. One of her girl friends gave her a bag of ten books, you know the type "101 Business Ideas", and "You Can work From Home". Tina devoured these books and one day, she said to me, "Bradley, I have read every book here and I still don't have any idea what I should do". We talked at length about it, and I said off handedly, "Well . . . if these books haven't helped you they likely haven't helped other folks as well. Why don't you write

'The Ultimate Home Based Business Resource"

This Resource contains a Business Plan that worked, acquiring a "Line of Credit". With Helps and tips throughout, so in the building of your plan, you to can expect to have working capital at your disposal.

How to secure a line of Credit

Brick and Mortar vs. Internet

This Resource will help you make informed decisions, in becoming successful in the dot com market. The best hosting solutions, combined with receiving payments on line, lots of How-to's


  More Business Ideas that 98% of similar products

  More Hot links to the internet that you may even use

  Business Plan help that will make it seem like a Breeze

  Insights to make you competitive in the .com world

  Little known Patent Ideas and application Forms

  Cash flow/Cash projection in Excel format-plug in #'s

  Marketing and Networking Concepts

  Press releases - what gets published

  A product that will load into older PC's

  Product is MS 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista Compatible

  Included is this Resource in PDF for Mac users

  You will be 100% Satisfied with this product


There a number of elements in this resource that can be updated periodically. The "Directory Of Internet Links" will be checked to ensure all links are working, and when we find more sites that are relevant, they will be added. Plus any other business helps found, will be added to the resource.  When the resource is updated you will receive the updated copy, FOR FREE, FOR LIFE.




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Below is a really good example of a new home based business that I have just started.

I built a web site, put ads in local free online classifieds,

hung pull-tab phone number brochures on local cork boards,

And that very weekend I got calls and work.

You got to like that.

Oh, sometimes it doesn't hurt to be cute

A Man And His Dolly
Moving Company
Offering a New Local Moving Service To The West Kootenay
Including Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail
Extending to most places in the West Kootenay


This resource will help you do just that

Start A Business

And be successful


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Tina and Bradley are married and have two children.

They operate a number of successful businesses, In Robson BC, Canada.


Tina is a K-12 Teacher registered in Canada and the USA. Presently she is a home schooling parent.

Bradley has authored a number of books, one of them being Building The Flat Bottom Canoe

 Bradley is a successful:

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Just A Little More Info On Starting A Business


Starting a business can be easier than you think. With the right tools and a little or a lot of direction and help from this manual, and starting your own business could be the direction you should go. It is a lot of hard work, and sometimes it can seem like a loosing battle, but again with right information, it will be a whole lot easier.


Having the ability to get access to money when you don't have any money is key in starting a successful business. This is where writing a good business plan might help. But, writing A Great Business Plan WILL Get You Money.


This manual was written as we were starting a business, with the direction of many knowledgeable people, and the business plan used in this manual achieved the goal, and secured a Line Of Credit that I so needed to proceed.


All I hope to do is help a fellow struggler, to make it in the business world, when the business world doesn't seem to want us.


I want to give you my personal guarantee that this manual will help you a lot to succeed. My wife says don't do that, but I say I will do that.


Check out the trial manual to see how much info is there. You won't be able to read it all, cause then it wouldn't be a trial to see. (~:


Here is to your success

May it be as sweet as honey on your lips


Bradley SaintJohn

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